torek, 24. julij 2012


it's my birthday! I finally turned 15. i don't actually feel any older.
the awesome thing when you have birhday is that you wake up and see lots of messages on your phone and facebook. feeling is just really great. that absolutely makes your day :)
the first women who came to see me and to wish me happy birthday was my grandma. she came to my house and brang me some money.. so that was my first birthday gift.
I love my friends and my family, and I can't wait to see what my parents bought me. and I made cake for myself to, heh.
I want to spend this birthday with the ones closest to me and with people i love. so yeah,

happy  birthday to me :)

I'll write later, maybe tomorrow about this day!:) now I'll go, clean my room:(

Love, monika

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