sobota, 28. julij 2012

hi guys.. My birthday was cool, could be better but i had fun, yeah.
tomorrow is my brother's birthday. and I will not be home!! I'm going to pag, finally.
with sarah<3 i can't wait. today I'm going at her place because we will go at 4am...
i know it'll be awesome. I'll write when I come back and I think I will also show you lots of pictures we will make. Have fuun, I will <3

(my two cousins and my brother)

Love, Monika

torek, 24. julij 2012


it's my birthday! I finally turned 15. i don't actually feel any older.
the awesome thing when you have birhday is that you wake up and see lots of messages on your phone and facebook. feeling is just really great. that absolutely makes your day :)
the first women who came to see me and to wish me happy birthday was my grandma. she came to my house and brang me some money.. so that was my first birthday gift.
I love my friends and my family, and I can't wait to see what my parents bought me. and I made cake for myself to, heh.
I want to spend this birthday with the ones closest to me and with people i love. so yeah,

happy  birthday to me :)

I'll write later, maybe tomorrow about this day!:) now I'll go, clean my room:(

Love, monika

ponedeljek, 23. julij 2012

i miss sun

okay.. I'll write about the weather and the depressing days I had because of it.
I actually love rain, I love listening to it while lying on my bed with nothing to do, just relaxing.
but this is too much.. it's summer for gods sake.
and hello, my birthday is tomorrow. I want sun.
if someone asks me right now, what i wish for my birthday.. I would probably say SUN! and lots of friends in my house.

so, what to do on this raining days? nothing! the only thing i'm able to do is sitting in front of
my computer and listening to music, talking to friends and drinking tea.

this photo was taken two months ago, in Koper.
ohh, I miss sun

nedelja, 22. julij 2012


Random questions thing.
Name: Monika
Age: 15 this tuesday
Eye Color: brown
Hair Color: 
Birthday: July 24, 1997
Sexuality Heterosexual

Hobbies: shopping, sleeping, dancing,, singing, 
Favorite shops: 
hm, topshop, zara, pullandbear, bershka, stradivarious, mango

Favorite foods: pizza, chinese food, chocolate

Favorite movies: friends with benefits, the notebook, crazy stupid love, one day, she's the man, the quiet

Are you depressed?: yes,sometimes
What makes you happy?:  being with my friends, parties, music, SHOPPING
What makes you sad?: being alone with nothing to do...
What are you listening to right now?: natalie walker - waking dream
What are you watching right now?: nothing actually

Describe 3 things about yourself:
- smiling most of the time
- fat
- always eating

Favorite drink: malibu cola, sex on the beach, lemonade, tea

Are you a virgin?: yes
Do you like your handwriting? nope, I hate it
Would you bungee jump? hmm, I would
Favourite sport? volleyball, running
Do you wear glasses? I don't
Last movie you watched? black swan
Hugs or kisses? hugs and kisses at the same time :)))

Thankyou for reading, byee,    love

nedelja, 22. april 2012

nedelja, 15. april 2012

sobota, 04. februar 2012

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