nedelja, 24. oktober 2010

just another boring day...

-i don't want to know who you love.
i want to hear you saying to me: ''i love you''-

bad day, like it looks on the pictures!
we can call it 'chocolate day'

I love you;*

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sociopata antropofaga pravi ...

aww why bad day :( ??
i like the pictures, melancholy and messy day

hum, i dont have facebook, jus blog, lookbook and deviantart
but we can talk here n_n


sociopata antropofaga pravi ...

btw... where are you from D:
i never had seen this language haha (im so dumb)

sociopata antropofaga pravi ...

.. i mean.. this:
Objavljen ni še noben komentar

marionachic pravi ...

fantastic blog:)

monej. pravi ...

thanks girls!
i'm from slovenia ;)