sobota, 23. januar 2010

that's sad...

do you know the feleng, when everything is wrong?
and can you feel that? 
i can... because that's hapening too me right now.
and that's because of my friends.
i was thinking that i had just *real* friend..
you know?
but the other day... i saw that 
isn't true.
we were best friends..
she was telling about some girl...
she sad that she doesn't like her anymore.
and i belive that.
she sad, she well never be her friend...
and i belive that,
she sad i am going to be your best friend now.
and i belive that.

and than what happen?
the other day she went to her house..
they was together.
and me?
i was nothing...
and what about school?
she told me that she's her friend now.

but... that's not all.
the thing, that hurt me the most...
happend today!
we sad that we were be together 
in saturday..
yeah, sure.
i send sms to her.
and she isn't send me sms back..
cause she was with her !
and she's with her right now!
how do i know that?
because *the real friend told me that*
i'm soo sad :(
i think i am going to talk with her why she doo that...
or not...
but i THINK we won't be friends now.

THAT's SAD :/ how can friend do that to you?
i just can't understand.

OK, i am going to finish that blog.

i hope i will be bether :)

i love you <3

and bye for now. <3


5 komentarjev:

♥LARA pravi ...

sej bo bulš moni.
ignorirej :)
rada te mam <3

-monika pravi ...

i hopeee.

Anita pravi ...

ne sekiraj se ;)
maš še druge frende, k te mamo radi bul kukr si ti mislš :$

metka (: pravi ...

moja angleščina je u kurcu ampak sm se prepričala, da bom razumela use in sm.
mislm da vem o kom govoriš..
ne sekiraj se preveč
drugi te mamo radi <3

-monika pravi ...

nit: hvala (A) <3
met: sej je moja tut -.- sej se vid :D js mam tut vs <3